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The skin is very important: it protects us, helps the body breathe, removes toxins, and at the same time – is the main sensory organ. We feel the environment with our skin, it is with our skin that we feel the touches of those we love. At the same time, the skin is a barrier that separates us from the outside world: healthy, solid skin also means stronger immunity. Proper body care is one of the most important rituals, because it helps to restore the skin’s natural balance, allows us to look beautiful and feel healthy right down to the toes! Pamper your body. In this course, Vilana Natural Beauty wants to inspire you to be more motivated and to discover the most appropriate and personally rewarding solutions in search of healthier, smoother, more beautiful skin. We share what we consider to be effective, simple skincare secrets that will allow you to enjoy youthful, elastic, smooth, radiant, and flawlessly soft skin – the kind that everyone who loves and respects their body dreams of.