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Healthy, radiant, and soft velvety skin is the dream of many people. It is no secret that in order to maintain the youthful and flawless appearance of the skin for as long as possible, it is necessary to pay special attention to its continued care. Skin is a reflection of us, which reveals how we choose to live our lives including whether we take sufficient care of ourselves. Therefore, we need to use energy, not lack determination, and nurture the skin. To put a lot of effort and time in so that we can enjoy bright, firm, and naturally radiant skin on our face. Choosing beauty rituals that suit your needs and desires is not easy. But here is our mission possible! In this course, we invite you to learn what an ideal daily care routine should look like to help stop the flow of time and keep your skin youthful and shiny for as long as possible. We reveal simple but valuable beauty tricks that will always make you look beautiful no matter your age!