The conditioner should be used after shampooing – gently dry your hair, apply the conditioner over the entire length and leave it for at least 2-5 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly. If your hair is prone to grease, it is important to avoid applying conditioner to the roots of the hair, in this case, it is advisable to distribute the product from the tips of the hair to approximately the middle length to moisturise the most needed areas. 
The use of deep moisturizing conditioners is especially important for women who color their hair. Conditioners help to maintain the desired hair color for longer. 
Many people also think that our hair is getting used to conditioners – this is the biggest myth ever. You should not replace effective and hair-friendly products and look for new ones every time, instead, just use a scalp scrub at least once a week. The scrub will remove hair styling residue from the scalp and your favorite products will become effective again.
Conditioners are expected to provide the hair with nutrients and make them glossy and shiny. However, the use of silicone and chemical impurities destroys the natural hair nourishing substances, so it is recommended to choose the most natural product you can. Although the use of the conditioners with silicone, salt and parabens seem to be very effective and soften the hair, the truth is that the effect is very temporary and after a longer period of time, it has a very undesirable effect – the hair remains dry and dull.