Care for the environment, look great, and feel amazing – choose natural!

We all know that eating a fresh, local, organic diet is the best we can do for our health but what about our skincare, the body’s largest organ, and the first line of defense? It is so important in our days to be educated as a user. Being further and further away from the nature of where our food and skincare products come from, it is important to understand what is in products we use daily. In my opinion, this is something the cosmetic industry does not make easy to understand for the customers. Have you ever tried reading the back of a shampoo bottle of the supermarket? What are all of those ingredients anyway? It seems to me, the worse the product formulation is, the harder the ingredient label is to read. Even I sometimes struggle to understand.

When it comes to large companies’ cosmetic products, we trust blindly that the homework has been done to produce a safe product that goes straight on our skin- the body’s largest organ. Unfortunately, this is not true. Every day we are generally exposed to over 100,000 chemicals of which only 5% have been tested for their impact on long-term health. Medical researchers have a growing concern about the long-term negative effect from small dose exposure of questionable ingredients that are absorbed through the skin over a long period of time. If you have been using supermarket shelves shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, sunscreens, body wash, cleansers, toners, make-up removers, make-up, and deodorants as you already know, you have been using small doses of toxic chemicals for decades already. What’s very concerning that about 90% of cosmetic ingredients have never been tested for health impacts. What’s scarier is that many of the toxins found in skincare products are paired with penetration enhancers. It is something to think about… PENETRATION ENHANCERS! These are chemicals helping your skin absorb more toxins. If you are using them in a hot shower or a warm bath, your skin’s pores will open and these chemicals get an extra chance to kick straight into your bloodstream.

Here are some common chemicals to avoid while buying your cosmetics product:

• Parabens (paraben have been very often found in breast cancer tissue)

• Propylene/polyethylene glycol (proven to cause skin, liver and kidney damage)

• Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (known to have caused skin/eye irritation, organ toxicity, and cancer)

• Synthetic chemical fragrances ( couses of asthma, migraines, rashes, depression)

• Phthalates (can cause hormonal disharmony)As a mane thing, I would advise skipping products that contain parabens and silicones.

So you would ask- why companies are using these ingredients in their skincare products? The answer is very simple it’s a cheap alternative to provide mildness to very harsh ingredients found in their formulas and of course for quick results, but these are very short-termed, as in long run they are causing so much damage to your health.

But thankfully we have hope- these days natural is becoming more and more popular. Choosing a natural skincare routine has never been easier. Thousands of beautiful products are readily available in specialty stores and online. If you are thinking of introducing more natural skincare products into your beauty regime, remember that less is more. Your skin does not need a day cream, night cream, oily skin cream. The skin simply needs quality products that will enhance its natural functions. If you have been using synthetic products, you may notice a difference after 3-4 weeks of using all-natural products. During that first month, your skin and hair may experience a period of detoxification. Afterward, you might notice fewer breakouts, a brighter complexion or your hair might start curling (even though it’s never curled before). After all, your skin is what you feed it. Simplifying your skincare routine is not going to happen in one day. The next time you going to buy a product, ask yourself whether you can ditch the toxic product with quick effect and try something that will make your hair and skin shiny naturally. Simple natural skincare routines are more than plenty to keep your skin and hair feeling youthful, nourished, and glowing. Your skin will truly thank you.