Treat yourself to a warm, aromatic bath, forgetting the daily worries and tensions. Such moments of rest – pleasure, health and beauty in one without much effort! The main ingredient of ‘Detox’ bath salt, the pink Himalayan salt, has a detoxifying effect, intensively moisturises, regenerates and tones the skin, acts as a relaxant, soothes sensitive and irritated skin, reduces inflammation. The effect of this salt is further enhanced by essential oils – it revitalises body and soul perfectly, gently nurtures and softens the skin and envelops it with wonderful aromas. Natural coconut oil deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin, giving it a feeling of divine tenderness. Tea tree essential oil is a natural antiseptic with unique properties – it removes dead skin cells, improves and promotes skin regeneration, helps fight various skin diseases, has an excellent effect on the immune system. The lemon essential oil has a positive effect on the mind, invigorates, inspires positive energies, raises the tone of the whole body, relieves muscle aches and makes you feel refreshed and relieved. 

This bath salt helps to refresh, get more energy. Suitable for children as well.

Ingredients: Sodium chloride (Pink Himalayan Salt), Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Melaleuca alternafolia (Tea Tree) leaf oil, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) peel oil.

This Bath salt comes in 1 size:

500g- £9.50