Face Scrub ‘Scrubadoble’

A facial scrub should be a staple in every woman’s beauty routine, as important as moisturiser or cleanser. The average lifespan of a skin cell is 4 to 5 months. After this period, the cells die and accumulate. If this dead skin layer is not removed, the skin’s surface becomes uneven and flaky, and skincare products are not absorbed properly. This facial scrub gently exfoliates. After just one use, the skin immediately appears brighter and luminous, and the appearance of wrinkles is minimized.

Lavender Hydrolat

Lavender hydrolat (floral water) results from the steam distillation of lavender flowers. Due to its anti-aging properties, this hydrolat is most useful for improving the condition of aging and mature skin. It cleanses, refreshes and tones, calms skin affected by sunburn, itching or insect bites. It is also antibacterial, so can help with eczema, acne, psoriasis, minor wounds and scrapes. It is also hydrating for hair, giving it brilliant shine, and can be used as a tonic or skin freshener for both the face and body.

Carrot Moisturizing Cream

This cream celebrates the simplest of ingredients – the humble carrot. It was inspired by a story about a King who, having bought his wife every treasure possible, pleased her most with a carrot cream made by poor farmers that helped their skin glow. It is the active ingredient beta keratin that naturally gives skin a luminous appearance. Reviving dull, dry skin, and giving it a healthy, even tone, this cream is equally good for both young and mature skin types. Carrot phytol is an exceptional antioxidant and contains valuable fatty acids, such as olein and palmitin that stimulate skin renewal. Vitamins E and A, found in sweet almond oil, also help to keep the skin optimally moisturised, healing dehydration and irritation. Argan oil promotes elasticity, effectively combating wrinkles. Sea buckthorn oil has incredible healing and rejuvenating effects, working as a natural cleanser and exfoliant. It can also relieve the symptoms of rashes, sunburns, cuts, burns and other types of skin damage.

18MM Atomiser

This set is perfect for someone with normal and dry skin.