Peppermint has long been recognised as a refreshing and stimulating herb, effective at improving the tone and vitality of skin, as well as nourishing and calming it. Peppermint hydrolat has calming, antibacterial and analgesic properties improves blood circulation and quickly diminishes irritations and redness. Due to its refreshing and cooling effect, peppermint hydrolat is also exceptional at treating hives, eczema or rashes. 

This hydrolat can be used at any time of the day, especially during the summer, to revitalize the skin. It should also be used before applying face cream or oil to aid absorption. Apply to the face with cotton wool, or spray the face and leave to dry naturally. The hydrolat can be used to freshen make-up throughout the day or to hydrate the whole body after a bath or shower.

An 18mm atomiser is required if it is intended to use it as a spray

Ingredients: peppermint hydrolat (steam distilled) (mentha piperita, from France).

Comes in two sizes:

50ml – £4.80

100ml – £7.20