Rose hydrolat (floral water)  cleanses, tones and revitalises skin. It has a balanced pH and stimulates the regenerative processes of skin cells. It has a soothing effect on sunburned or exhausted skin. You will see the results immediately – skin instantly becomes smooth and elastic. Recommended for relieving skin irritations and acne, it nourishes and moisturises dehydrated skin. It also diminishes the appearance of small capillaries, creating an even-looking skin tone. The scent of roses is also very soothing, so it can aid relaxation and help to de-stress.It is believed that rose oil and hydrolat were first discovered accidentally by Persian doctor and philosopher Avicenna during one of his alchemical experiments. During Emperor Nero’s time, wealthy Romans were bathing in pools filled with fragrant roses and used them for scenting the emperor’s pillows. Both rose essential oil and rose water are still luxury products: it takes up to three tons of rose petals to distill one liter of rose essential oil. As a result, rose essential oil is one of the most expensive.

This hydrolat is very gentle and effective, particularly for calming sensitive, irritated skin and for dry/mature skin types.

An 18mm atomiser is required if it is intended to use it as a spray.

Ingredients: rose hydrolat (floral water) (steam distilled) (rosa damascena, from Bulgaria).

Comes in three sizes

50ml – £7.20

100ml – £12

200ml – £19.20